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        We think Kyiv is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, period J In our opinion Kyiv is interesting for its mixed culture, unusual history and, of course, super tasty food.  That is why we created a way to discover Kyiv through its culinary attractions.  In our Tasty tour we selected interesting places from different historical periods of our history: Kyiv Rus, Soviet Union and Modern independent Ukraine; and collected a lot of stories about these places to make our tour more exciting. 

       Of course, tasty tour is mainly about food traditions, most known meals and typical Ukrainian flavors, but it also includes famous sightseeing stops. We designed the tour in a way that will help our guests not only try our famous cuisine, but also see a lot of interesting touristic attractions in Kyiv. Many of our clients-friends choose Tasty tour as the only excursion in Kyiv and we think it is the right decision!

       Tasty tour is for people who enjoy trying new meals, experiencing interesting gastronomic flavors and discovering unusual historical places in a city they visit. We like all the meals we included in our tour and we are sure you will like them as well! 

We will be happy to organize a tour for you!

Anton and Naraliya

Tasty Tour in short 

Time Monday-Friday, from 17.00 to 21.00  
Saturday or Sunday, from 11.00 to 15.00
Place Near entrance to McDonalds at L'va Tolstogo metro station 
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One person 38 EUR
Two-four persons 36 EUR
More than five persons  34 EUR 



Tasty tour includes

  • Four meals and beer
  • Walking city gastronomic tour
  • Seven interesting gastronomic stops
  • Interesting stories and legends about Ukrainian food traditions


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